Why Kickboxing?

your first 2 classes are free!

Kickboxing is an incredible way to get your workouts in. Forget long boring workouts and droning cardio sessions. Through our classes you can expect to gain mobility and flexibility with a variety of fun warm ups and quality movements and stretches. Improve your cardio with high energy kickboxing drills and combinations both on the bag and with a partner. Become versed in Self Defence by learning to throw and execute proper punches, kicks, knees and elbows along with stand up wrestling and clinch techniques. (You Won't get punched if you don't want to) Build self confidence and get a great sweat on with great people in a fun and controlled environment. 

You Don't have to be a fighter to take kickboxing. Our classes offer something for everybody. 99% of our clients are here for great workouts, top quality instruction and our fun friendly atmosphere. Come see it for yourself, your first two classes are free!

If you are training to be a competitor we do that too, we go the extra mile for our athletes, from training partners and custom workouts to strength and conditioning, our team will take your game to the next level. 



Class Format

60 MINUTES - monday & Wednesday

1) Warm up and Sweat!

2) Stretching & Mobility

3) Techniques & Combinations

4) Cool it down


Preparing for Class

You only need a few things

1) Clothing - Wear your favourite clean fitness gear(don't be the stinky guy). Keep in mind we need to keep cool and move freely.

2) Footwear -  This class is done barefoot. no shoes required.

3) Water Bottle - We provide a fill up station, but you must bring your own bottle.

4) Kickboxing Gear - We provide the basic gear. however we do reccomend that you purchase your own gloves, shin guards, etc. 




Mondays - 6:15 - 7:15pm

Wednesdays - 6:15 - 7:15pm



$45 - Registration (one time)

$15 Drop-in

$85 - 1 Month

$229 - 3 Months

$120 - Punch Pass

$130 - 1 Month - Kickboxing & Jiu Jitsu

$20 - 1 Month - Add Cardio Class



Blending Styles

blending mauy thai, Kickboxing, karate & Boxing

We blend together 4 styles of martial arts from around the world, taking the best aspects of each to create and deliver fun, high intensity workouts. Using the best of each discipline our system is the ultimate combination of stand up techniques that will make you the dynamic striker you can be.

Kickboxing Belt System

Our customized system

We have developed a belt system to give people who don't want to compete an opportunity to display the skills and abilities that they have acquired through training. It also creates goals and multiple levels of achievement for you to strive for and be proud of! Here is the order of ranks in our belting system.

- White Belt - 

- Yellow Belt -

- Green Belt -

- Blue Belt -

- Purple Belt -

- Brown with black stripe -

- Black Belt -

We Test for belts and striped twice per year, at Christmas and in the Spring, as well as a bonus test in the fall that is available for those that have committed to training through the summer months. Your belt and corresponding coloured hand wraps are included in the registration cost, your hand wraps identify your belt rank!