Kids Kickboxing

Age 6 - 12 Years


Kids kickboxing is a combination of Fun, Fitness, and Technique. We dedicate the beginning of each class to a thorough warm up, followed by some fitness based games and competitions. The kids learn proper movement patterns,  speed mechanics as well as jumping and landing mechanics. Next is the meat and potatoes of class time where we learn various kickboxing techniques and drills, this is done through pad work with a partner and bag work on your own. This is where we practice and perfect all of the various aspects of our kickboxing curriculum. Each class we finish off with a fun activity or games to burn the kids out and have some fun so we leave on a high note. 



About Kids Kickboxing

Children are taught to work hard in class to perfect technique and improve as a result. Patience, empathy, understanding, fairness, respect and control of power are all taught in our classes. Children are taught techniques using various pads and punching bags, we play safe so we can keep on playing. .
Kickboxing is a fantastic way to improve overall fitness while having a lot of fun and releasing that pent up energy. Kickboxing also teaches them great self defence. Our programs for kids are great way to build self-confidence and help kids achieve their martial arts goals in a fun and safe environment.


10 Reasons Kickboxing is Great for Kids

  • Improved fitness and health
  • Improving confidence, self-esteem and social skills
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making
  • Greater strength, endurance, co-ordination, balance, and flexibility
  • Learn to set personal goals
  • Increased commitment and self-discipline
  • New sense of achievement as they progress
  • Keeps them occupied with something positive
  • Releasing pent-up energy
  • It is so, much, Fun!







4:30 - 5:30pm


**price varies based on session length**

14 week session

- $150 - 1 day per week

- $45 - Registration (one time)


  • Black kickboxing pants. Available for purchase at Transcendent Combat Sports.
  • Belt: Indicates the level of progression through our belt system. Included with the cost of registration.

Prepare for your Class

  1. Uniform. Students will need to wear their black pants & belt. 
  2. Footwear. We train barefoot. No need to bring footwear.
  3. Water Bottle. We have a fill up station, however, students must bring their own re-usable container.
  4. A Great Attitude!